Copyright Information


All published books, newspaper and journal articles and music are created by someone and these works belong to them. They are happy to share these works with you, but by law you are not allowed to steal them in their entirety!


As part of your school work, you are usually allowed to make one copy of:

  • A small part of a book (perhaps one chapter)
  • One article in a magazine or newspaper
  • Part of a page on a website.

You must acknowledge where it came from.


You may copy the whole or part of a work for educational purposes,however you may make only ONE copy at any ONE time.

Copying and Downloading from the Internet! 

Most material on the Internet has copyright on it! Just because it is posted on the internet DOES NOT automatically give you the right to download, copy, store or disseminate it without the copyright owner’s or author’s permission. To use internet material freely, the copyright owner or author must specifically grant you permission or waive copyright or make the material available via a licence (like a Creative Commons licence), or the material must be out of copyright.