Welcome to the Library

Our vision is for our students to become 21st century learners, able to access, evaluate and process information from a variety of sources and develop a lifelong love of learning and reading for pleasure.

The library is not only geographically the centre of the school but also the heart of learning for our students and teachers alike. Our up-to-date resources support the school curriculum and the interests of the students. The layout of the Library has purposely been structured to encourage students’ to read for pleasure and enjoyment. Students can read, play games, access computers, and relax in beautiful surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I search the Library catalogue? (Opac: Online public access to the catalogue).

The catalogue may be searched via the internet nz.accessit.online/WHN03/#dashboard

When is the library open?

The library is open Monday to Friday before and after school and either morning tea or lunchtimes on most days.

How many books may I borrow?

You may borrow two books at any one time.

How long do I have to read my book?

You have two weeks to read your book. If you haven't finished your book within those two weeks it can be renewed.

What happens if I forget to return my book?

If you have an overdue book you will not be able to get any more books out until your overdue book is returned. There is no charge for overdue items but there is a charge for lost or badly damaged books. Books that are overdue for longer than six weeks are deemed lost and will be charged for at the replacement cost.

Can I reserve a book?

Books maybe reserved if they are on issue to another borrower.

What should I do if my book is damaged?

The library staff repair damaged books – please return any book that requires mending to the library. We ask that you do not attempt to mend books yourself as specialist repair materials are required.

How do I become a Student librarian?

The library advertises for student librarians at the beginning of the year. The positions are fixed for two terms and are for either morning tea or lunchtime. Student librarian positions are available only to Year 8 students. Students are required to fill out an application form
and undergo training where necessary.

New books

New books are on display in the library. Check the New Book stand regularly as there are new books almost everyday.

Contact the library

Library and Resource manager: Mrs Calman (Mrs C.)
Email: library@wanganui-int.school.nz