Congratulations to students who have been awarded their Bronze Badge

So far over 20 students have gained their bronze badge for being awarded 50 green cards.  Green cards are given to students demonstrating our school values; respect, resilience and responsibility.  Students who have their bronze badge are given some extra privileges around school or in their class in recognition of their achievement. We're looking forward to seeing who is first to... Continue reading

Harakeke Cluster settling into their new home

The students and staff of the Harakeke cluster are excited to be settled into their new classrooms after working in the hall since the start of the year. The new block consists of four teaching areas and three breakout spaces as well as cloak bays and bathrooms for the students.  The classes have large sliding doors between them meaning that students... Continue reading

PB4L: Students earning Green Cards for showing our school values

As part of our Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L) programme students who demonstrate any of our school values (Responsibility, Respect, and Resilience) are able to earn green cards as a reward. Once they have received 10 green cards a postcard will be sent home to let their parents know of their success. Students will be able to continue to collect... Continue reading